Friday, July 23, 2010


* They put on their costumes, pretend to be fairies, princesses and superheroes at the crack of dawn. If they had their way, they would stay awake all night long.

* They follow each other all over the house like little lost lambs, mostly the brother leading his two younger sisters, devising games, making plans only decipherable to them.

* No matter how different their cores are, they giggle, laugh, cry, whine, scream in unison making the rest of us admire their seamless, uncomplicated existence.

Yes, folks, kids fest is on at the Bora household. After much anticipation and waiting, cousin A is finally here and nothing can put a damper on their collective spirit, vigor and boundless energy. They don’t see each other often but when they do, it’s like they were never apart-such is the closeness they share. And I hope this closeness is able to withstand some of life’s inescapable twists and turns, becomes stronger, more meaningful over the years.