Monday, April 26, 2010

Nudity, Nose Digging and Such.....

I go upstairs to change into something nicer for the evening’s dinner party. My close friends had already arrived with their teen son, who is D and A’s favorite ‘dada’.

As I close the bedroom door behind me, two little faces emerge quickly, looking at me inquisitively. Mama, what are you doing? Why are you closing the door? They ask in unison.

I am about to change, sweeties. Could you please close the door? Why don’t you go back to your room and continue playing with dada? I say in an effort to make them leave so I can get dressed and play hostess.

They turn around chuckling, rush back into the room where ‘dada’ is and chime....
You know what dada....mama is N-A- K- E- D! She is going to change, so she is N-A –K-E-D!

I swear if it had been any louder, the whole neighborhood would have known what was happening at the Bora household. Did someone just say 'privacy'? What’s that????


A is a nose digger. Well, let’s call it her favorite pass time. She does it more when she has a cold so you can imagine how eeky it is when she pulls out the gunk and makes snotty balls! Quite happily, I must add. I know I could easily spare you the graphic details but there is no fun in doing so. Really.

Last night, she pulls her father’s finger and tries to shove it into her nose. Upon realizing that it isn’t working, she declares, papa, your finger is too beeg. It will not go into my nose.

She then pulls mine, holds it up and says, only mama’s and my’s gooz into my nose because we are girlz-ezz. O.K. mama? You can put your fingurrz in my nose.

As if this is something I have been eagerly waiting to do and have finally been granted permission by my little mite!


Nino's Mum said...

hahaha :) Nino went and told my father-in-law that my mother wears a different 'baniyan' and her 'lungs' are bigger than yours! they say the most hilarious things most days!

SBora said...

Nino's mum: yep..whatever comes out of their tiny mouths is worth recording. Thanks for your comment.