Monday, April 19, 2010

Sibling Talk.....Continues

We came out of mama’s tummy, said D.

I don’t quite recall why this observation came up. I do remember we were all in the car heading out to Toys R Us, D & A’s favorite store, to collect their well deserved prizes. Prizes (read bribes!) for singing at the Bihu function the day before. Their first ever duet (they sang ‘Down by the Bay’) with me on the guitar. Playing the guitar at a public function was a first for ‘moi’ as well.

Yeah, we are very, very, very mall (small) but now we are beeg! Very beeg, concurred A.
And you know what mama? asked D.
Yes, sweetie…what?
We are going to be as big as Texas...
No, as big as Earth....
No actually, we will be very big…as big as Mars.....
Actually we will be as big as Pluto! Not Mars, Pluto......
D was on a roll, making these lofty comments without much of a pause., he continued,we will be as big as the outer space. Then we will suit up, wear our astronaut outfits and we will fly all around space,mama! We will be that big!!! That will be so cool...right A? looked at his sister for approval, his sweet, boyish face sparkled with excitement.

His befuddled sister looked at him, shrugged her shoulders and said, Ha? What are you saying, D? What is Plootoo?

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