Thursday, January 21, 2010


I yelled at A for spilling her milk. It’s a common blooper in the Bora household. I know spills are normal but when they average like they do (at least 3 per day), you are bound to lose it after a while. So I lost it and ended up screaming at her!

She skittered away…like a lost, scared, little bunny, her older protective brother in tow. Moments later, she came back and said:

Mama, you screamed at me ….I will go and get another mommy. Quite assertively, I must add.

Yes, my 3 year old threatened to disown me last night. But if she comes up with such entertaining one-liners every time we butt heads, I don't think I mind yelling at her at all cuz’ I love the way her cuteness comes out in such delicate moments. Yep, I intend to have fun at her expense.

The second I heard her precocious comment, my anger....whoosh, went flying out of the window. I cracked up. The kids, especially A, unsure of my reaction at first jumped right in.

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