Friday, June 12, 2009

She is 5 Today

It is Ms. Dee’s birthday today. She is a senior teacher in D & A’ s pre- school and has been around since its inception. A charming lady, she is known for her kindness and warm heart. She is everyone’s favorite and is also well-liked and respected by the parent community.

As a member of the parent association for the school, one of my assigned responsibilities is to take care of birthday cakes for teachers.

So, this morning, on our way to school, we drop in at the local grocery store to pick up a cake. I decide to throw in some candles too and as I stand there at the aisle figuring what types of candles to get, D picks out one of the numbered candles (no. 5) and hands it over to me.

No.5 ? D , is Ms. Dee turning five today?
Yes mama. I sense the pride in his voice as he confidently answers me.
Are you sure she is 5 and not 4?
No, mama. She is 5. She is as old as I am.

I am sure Ms. Dee will have a fun day but it will be even more special for her when she sees the candle on her beautiful birthday cake.

Happy 5th Birthday Ms. Dee. Birthdays make you finer not older!

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