Monday, June 9, 2008

Another fun tag

This was fun-made me take a long and hard look at myself!

I am: easy going
I think: I should start exercising
I know: I need to cut down on my food intake
I want: to be even tempered
I have: two little kids who are everything to me
I wish: I could spend more time with them
I hate: unreliability
I miss: my parents
I fear: that I will lose my memory and become a burden in my old age
I feel: my babies’ smooth and soft skin
I hear: the soothing sound of the water fountain in our back yard
I smell: food-all the time
I crave: for mithaais and payaas
I search: for old friends and acquaintances whenever I get a chance
I wonder: how life will turn out to be. I like what it is now-hope its stays the same or gets even better.
I regret: doing some things but like to look at them as learning opportunities
I love: unconditionally
I ache: for orphaned and abused children
I care: about what people think. I tell myself I shouldn't, but I do (ditto Anamika!)
I am not: diplomatic-wish I was in some situations!
I believe: in Karma
I dance: when I hear a familiar, fun song
I sing: all the time-tuneless but who cares!
I cry: when I scream at my little ones. When I am sad, when I am upset, when I think about the loved ones I have lost-tears comes easily to me. In fact I find crying cathartic.
I don’t always : get what I want
I fight: for the truth
I write: whenever I can organize my thoughts. I wish they came easily but they don’t.
I win: Scrabbles –oh when I used to play a mean game with my dad
I lose: my anger easily
I never: complicate things for others
I always: try to be light hearted
I confuse: myself by doing too many things simultaneously
I listen: selectively! It works wonderfully well when my 4 year old throws a tantrum or when I am squabbling with Hubby dear
I am scared: of losing someone I love dearly
I need: to have fun
I am happy about: how life is NOW

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Thinking Cramps said...

This was interesting. And I am your absolute opposite in one way - I am super diplomatic! My father calls me IFS! :)