Thursday, January 10, 2008

My first tag

I was tagged by Anamika to write about one material thing that holds memories and guess what, I really had to think about this one! For a second I thought hmmm….what an uneventful life I have had that nothing is coming to me. But as I dug deeper I found my answer…..

My parent’s old record player.

I remember vivdly locking myself in my parents bedroom during school breaks and singing aloud with my favorite artists – ABBA, Donny Osmond, The Everly Brothers, Ann Murray, and who can forget the Beatles. My parents and later on my older brothers created a great collection of LP's including Hindi records from hit movies like Sholay, Muqaddar Ka Sikander, Swami to name a few. I used to pretend that I was this ‘singing star’ with an unbelievably melodious voice and with an immense stage presence because after every song I finished belting out, I would pretend I was bowing to my audience who was giving me the much deserved standing ovation.

Childhood pretend plays- oh.....I just love thinking about them!!

As for the player, it served us well for a good number of years after which, from a prized possession, it became just a mere commodity. With the invasion of 'boom boxes' and hi-fi stereo, my interest got diverted and the player lost its glory.

Nontheless, those long, lazy summer afternoons, with me standing in front of the mirror, a hair brush in my hand as a microphone enjoying a few minutes of deluded 'stardom', are some of the unforgettable memories of my childhood.

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Anamika said...

This was lovely. I think all kids like to imagine they are famous. And get up to all sorts of mischief when they think they are alone :) Thanks for doing the tag. By the way, I've blogrolled you.