Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Point taken!

Off late D has been watching too much TV. That is the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up and when he gets back from his day care. We allow him but limit the time he watches to an hour or so. That is if we are lucky he listens. An hour invariably stretches to one and a half, even two hours.

I am fine with him watching the idiot box on Saturday mornings. There are some good shows (educational yet entertaining) that he enjoys viewing. But this every morning and evening affair was getting on my nerves and was making me feel like a bad parent!

So yesterday, after many warnings and a tantrum, he reluctantly listened and turned the TV off. And as I was getting the kids ready for their baths, I decided to tell him the ill effects of TV and how useless and wasted it makes all of us.

To make a long story short, I basically told him that if he continues watching TV at the rate he does now, his brain cells will all go kaput! He listened to me intently, shook and nodded his head just before he jumped into the tub for his nightly bath.

I wasn’t sure how much he understood what I told him until this morning. He calmly got dressed instead of rushing so that he can run downstairs and turn the darn thing on, willingly sat down for his breakfast, finished his bowl of cereal without whining about moving his chair so that he can see the darn thing. I watched him warily, expecting him to do the inevitable. But instead he said this to me,

Mama, I am not going to watch TV. It will upset my brain.

Thank God, Thank God! Thank God!

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Anamika said...

Wow. That was effective :) I used to be threatened that I will soon need glasses and somehow that was always a big fear in my head :) Plus when we were kids there really was little to tempt us on TV, except Sunday showings of Vikram aur Betaal :)

You're tagged, by the way!