Thursday, July 15, 2010

A's New Engagements

She is taking on a new avatar-that of a house cleaner. Especially when we expect visitors. Her favorite cleaning activity is tidying up the shoe closet.

Ever since she stumbled upon my eye shadow kit a few days ago, she has been after my life to put some on her.....arm. Yes, you heard me right. Mama and daughter will spend a few hours this weekend exploring this new world of arm make-up. How exciting!

She is a bag diva. Loves to tote her bags along wherever she goes. She does need to work on color coordination though. Carrying a purple bag with a green outfit is not my kinda fashion. But she carries it so confidently, she makes a fashion statement. Well, almost.

I have said this before many times and here I go again. I love my baby girl’s zest, her spunk. If I feel rotten or low, the one thing that peps me quicker than a stiff drink is her. I just need to engage her in a conversation-her voice, the stuff that comes out of that tiny, edible mouth will blow the blues away in no time. This morning, as I hurriedly get dressed, she remarks, mama can you please move? I cannot see (the TV)–your 'beeg' butt is not letting me see.


eve's lungs said...

lol at the last line . I feel the same way though my kids are way way older !

Suku said...

EL:thank you for your comment. i know about your girls, through your blog. love your writing.