Monday, June 21, 2010


Sitting out on the deck, looking at the tree lined yard, it dawns on me how much I love summer in this country. For a long time, summer to me was scorching heat and humidity along with dust, incessant power cuts, cumbersome water coolers making loud, whirring noises, plenty of cold showers and drinking gallons of ice cold water. The heat made me languid, sweaty and easily restless for cooler temperatures.

Summer time in the US has been remarkably worthwhile. It is that time of the year when I am mostly outdoors, usually working in our yard- potting, watering plants, fertilizing the soil, getting rid of nasty weeds and watching everything bloom with a pride filled heart. The kids join in too with their own set of garden tools and their delightful company turns it into an endearing family activity.

The temperature drops as the evening sun colors the sky a beautiful red. As birds fly out on their last journey home signifying the end of another day, I make myself comfortable in a chair. Sipping a glass of my favorite Shiraz, I get lost in the beauty that surrounds me. It is green everywhere, lush and virile. The kids squeal riding their bikes, playing soccer, chasing bunnies and fireflies, high on adrenalin and making the most of the receding daylight. A cool breeze, tranquil sounds of the water fountain, the soft buzzing of a distant lawn mower and the sizzles and smells of a BBQ serve as soothers and transport me to a world of bliss.

Ah! How I love summer. It is glorious and refreshing, gently reminding me of its hold on me.

I blithely submit to its allure without a care in the world.

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