Sunday, June 27, 2010

It Has Happened

...inevitably so.

The above little post-it signage was found on D's door this morning. It's official. He has stepped into the 'no-girls' phase and is mighty proud about it.

So the new rule is 'no girls in my room', except Mama (ahem!), A and cousin A. Yes, he did make some exceptions after giving it some thought.

As my first born traverses this new phase in his life, I will hide in my closet and agonize about how quickly he is growing.


Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Awww...cuuute :-)

SBora said...

hey Chints...thank you.

Nelmarie said...

This is hysterical and sad at the same time. It is amazing how quickly they grow... Savor each moment :-).

SBora said...

Thanks Nel-definitely a bitter sweet moment!