Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Love You, Mama

I am utterly flattered by my son’s declaration of his love for me.

I love you, mama is a phrase he uses almost every day, in all earnest. This adoration is the subject of his artistic creations as well. Both kids love to color and D’s new fascination has been drawing his own creations. I have to admit (sadly) he doesn’t have an artistic bone in him but he gets full marks for his effort. He always creates two pieces-one revolving around superheroes (no surprises!) and the other for his friend, sibling, papa or mama. Often times, I am the one who is the recipient of his finished art work as evident in the drawings below.

I see them and I melt. I hold them and I get teary eyed. I feel blessed, loved but above all, these colorful yet simple affirmations are a testament to the solid, deep bond we share.

On another note, I am picky about misspellings-am conscious of them when I write and am quick to call them out in other people’s writings.

But I cherish them when I see them in D’s notes. They look deliciously cute to me. Not because he is my precious son. Maybe so. But there is something about the way kids write. The purity in their child like font is sublime, ineffable.

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