Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Activities This Past Week

The kids are into drawing these days. I have to admit, this really is a great way to keep them occupied and because they love this activity so much, I don't have to put any effort to get them to draw. I just bring out the box of crayons and markers and I have two kids scrambling to put their hands on it.

Below are samples of their artwork:

A: These are peoples (pointing to the little red circles)who like iceeshcream. But they are not going to the iceeshcream store today.
Because they are sick. They will go tomorrow.
The 'peoples' look rather cute in the picture.

A: I was in the ooruplane. I was walking home to the park. And I see everything. Toys R Us, the mall and the store. It is like a map.
So you walking to the park and you were on the plane??
Yes and I saw the mall.

BTW, the yellow lettering stands for HOUSE (she had help with a couple of letters). When I asked A why she wrote house. Her response was, that's where the mall is, mama!

D's interpretation of a monster. He has started using a lot of colors in his drawings thus making them quite interesting.

Finally, Beckham in the making? D started a soccer camp last week. There are about 12-13 kids in this camp-mostly his age but most are bigger and stronger than him. But he is loving it. It is a treat to watch them play-little people running across the field in their soccer gear trying to outdo their opponent.

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