Friday, July 24, 2009


It is indeed a nice compliment when a close male friend sends a long email to another praising Hubby dear and his quite ways of accomplishing things. And it is even greater a compliment when he seriously adds in his tribute that “if I were a woman, I would have married someone like him”.

While Hubby dear kindly and politely accepted this and moved on, I am still patting myself on the back for marrying this man. Didn’t I tell you? I love to take credit for everything.

Hey, do you want to take a dance lesson with me? Why don’t we do that as a couple? I asked Hubby Dear a few afternoons ago as we cruised along a busy street with the kids in the back. “We can waltz, tap or how about ballroom dancing or perhaps jazz? That sounds like fun, right? What’s say you?” I nudged him knowing fully well what the response will be.

No way, he said promptly and decisively while looking at me weirdly.

Hubby Dear doesn’t dance. Period.

I faked dejection and started making loud wailing noises when D, who was sitting in the back, got a little perturbed and quickly said, “Don’t be sad, Mama. Papa don’t dance. I will dance with you, OK? I am a superhero. I save people and I dance”.

Looking back, I think I got a better deal- I get to dance with a handsome superhero.

Mama, I was playing today at school and yadda, yadda...yadda. Connor and I got on the swing and blah, blah blah...and then I BLEDDED!

Ha? what?

I bledded, Mama. There was a little blood on my shirt but I was OK.


A nose bleed, although common in our household is worrisome. But for the first time, I was unconcerned. Bledded was just too precious for me to worry about his 'bloody' incident!

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Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

You definitely deserve a pat on your back for finding such a wonderful husband...and I am sure he deserves one too for finding you...knock on wood :-)

Laughed out real loud on the "bledded" all the posts that describe these teeny weeny incidents with the little ones..