Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pre-K Screening

D just got back from his pre-k screening. He did well. I spent a sleepless night wondering about today-the outcome, what fate will have in store for us. I know this is needless strain but I was a mess. I am happy that its over and happier that he fared well.

According to the nice almost overbearing teacher, he is READY and congratulated us for doing a good job with him.


D didn't hesitate to go with her and came out rather happy-his face beaming. The teacher spent approximately 15-20 minutes with him in a separate area, made me read, write, make things but when we asked him to tell us what he did, his response was ...


Easy. Unconcerned. But mighty pleased with himself.


iz said...

As you should be too no? Congrats.

SBora said...

Iz: thunk u...
and we are maha pleased!