Friday, June 27, 2008

I follow you

A is mirroring D’s every possible stance, move, nuance. You name it, she has them all down pat. He climbs the railing, she does too. He pushes himself down the stairs, she follows suit. He climbs on to the railing, she happily becomes his partner in crime. He laughs uncontrollably, she joins in with equal vigor. So much so that she has also begun to use some of her brothers phrases,

Oh cool!
I am done!
Bol (let’s go!)
Leeet’s gooo.
Goos (move)
Oh man!
I don’t know (comes out more like ‘I dunno’)
Mama, I want baaaeeek (bike)
Paani de!
Peety pees (pretty please)
Whaat ooo doing? (what are you doing?)

Her vocabulary has increased by leaps and bounds. She is indeed quite expressive and deliciously animated, both verbally as well as non-verbally. Yesterday, she tried to get on the side table by perching herself on her little chair. When Hubby dear asked her what she was up to, she coyly said, ‘Naathim (nothing), Papa’. Just like her older brother- a refrain we hear from him when he has done something mischievious and is desperately trying to cover his tracks.

The adorable part of it all is when they call out to each other. D shouting, “A, lets do it!”. To which the trusted little partner, his sister replies, “Yes, dada, lets doooo it!”
And off they go hand in hand into their own world of make believe, imagination and fun. As I watch them, I can't help but swell with pride for the beauty and meaning they bring to my life.

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