Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A sneaky business

As we and the rest of US waited for the big crystal ball to come down in Times Square and set off 2008, pinches of salt, lime wedges and tequila found their use.
The brother-in- law, a few hours ago made it absolutely clear to the shoppers that they need to get some lime. And when the lime came, brother-in-law, the self-designated bartender, refrigerated them after slicing them into small pieces with utmost precision and organizing them onto a plate.

What are you doing?
Getting the lime ready for the shots.
Oh, OK!
Hey do you have an extra salt shaker?
I do but why do you need it?
For the shots.
Take the one that is out.
No I need another one, so that I can sneak it away in the bar downstairs
Sneak it away?
Yep, you wouldn’t want our folks to see we are gulping down tequila shots. They will think we are turning into alcoholics and you will never hear them stop talking about it!
Hmmm, good point!

(This led me to think about my parents. I find myself thanking my stars for the open and uninhibited relationship I share with them. They probably would have joined us in downing the shots!)

That’s how our shots became clandestine! We didn’t want our parents (in laws!) to see us doing shots. So the hours after dinner and before midnight turned into a hide and seek game- with four of us (hubby dear, brother-in-law, sister-in-law and I) quietly making our way to the bar, downing our shots quickly and coming back up, sheepishly grinning like 16 year olds- who just got their first taste of liquor!

At some point, in laws came down and got comfortable in front of the entertainment center which is next to the bar and that led my brother –in- law to transfer everything (the paraphernalia) again back to the kitchen. Secretly! I must admit he was very good at it- totally nonchalant, all of us oblivious to what was going on.

So we ended up polishing a bottle of tequila downstairs and then upstairs in the kitchen, around the sink for some strange reason. Quick shots, lime, salt and all-just in time as the countdown to a new year began…

10, 9, 8…….

I enjoy doing shots. They are fun but this time around, they were even more. Thanks to the ‘sneaky business’.

Of course, just like always, I drank a tad bit more than I could hold. I woke up new years day with the worst possible ‘hangover’!

Someone, give me an Alka Seltzer-please!!!!

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