Monday, January 28, 2008

One down, a couple more to go but it is a good start!

After much debate, discussion, indecision and anticipation, Hubby dear finally painted the kitchen yesterday. It is green now, but a very pretty sage and olive green.

We love it!

Of course this the first phase of the remodeling project. I am already getting excited thinking about how beautiful and classy the kitchen will look when it is all done. The cabinets with their chocolate brown color, the back wall with a splash of colorful tiles and redesigned counter tops, all working together to create a beautiful space. (jeez..I sound like one of the designers on HGTV!)

I spend a good chunk of my time in the kitchen when I am home. Mostly out of necessity but there have been more than fewer occasions when I have enjoyed cooking for the family, guests and friends. I don’t necessarily enjoy cooking but I have derived pleasure from it on many instances. And with this new look, I think I will be much more motivated to enjoy it and not look at it as a chore.

So here’s to many more relishing and flavorful culinary experiences in the newly painted kitchen.

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