Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy 81st Bday.... the most influential person in my life. B - I couldn't be prouder to be your one and only daughter. You rock!

And here's to you...

You and Maa brought me into this world
To this day you fondly reminisce my birth
Oh how much you love me
It shows in everything you do

You mean the world to me
You are the best father I can ever have
I love your honesty and perseverance
Things that you taught me
Quite vehemently to say the least

You are such a great friend
Sometimes, even more than the others
You are always there to listen
Support and guide in every which way

You are so much fun
Your attitude and your spirit
Young, fresh, worldly and still strong
Even as you enter your eighties

You bring me so much pride
By being the father you were and are
By being the friend I cherish
By being the confidante who never fails me
And most importantly
By being just you

I love you!

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