Thursday, December 6, 2007


10 things I am proud of…

D & A- the two little people in my life who bring immense joy, give me perspective and focus and who are fun to be with.

hubby dear- who has been my rock, my constant support and is so very reliable, responsible and dependable. He is my compass.

who I have become- yes, I have definitely changed over the years- who doesn’t? No, my basic personality remains the same- I am still the bubbly, talkative, fun loving, impulsive and at times incorrigible person, but my general outlook has changed. I am more matured ( I better be at this age!), more patient, considerate and appreciative of life and what it has to offer.

the lessons I have learned in this journey of life.

the fact that I have no regrets- just hope and optimism.

my professional abilities.

the closeness I share with my parents and siblings.

the informality and relationship I have with my in laws.

my friends- they know who they are. I am forever thankful for their love, trust, respect, thoughtfulness and most importantly for their friendship.

what hubby dear and I have created for our little family. It is about love, security and togetherness and we hope to sustain it all.

10 things I am not so proud of

my impulsiveness.

my short temper.

selective listening- which I tell you, works wonders with the kids! And I know damn well that this will have to stop soon

my cooking- I know I can be good but I cheat and improvise and in the process churn out not so delectable dishes. Thankfully, hubby dear is not a complainer. But D, oh yes, he is very particular about taste. So I guess, I have no choice but to hone my culinary skills.

how quickly boredom hits me. I can lose interest in something I am into very easily, particularly if I don’t see any positive results. So I guess my lack of persistence.

not learning a musical instrument especially the guitar-how I love the sound of it.

my singing but I sing despite the ‘nays’ I get from my near and dear ones- brave souls who endure my singing. Hey I am not that bad eh? In fact I am quite entertaining when I am all tanked up!

losing contact with a few people with whom I shared some real good times. I know it’s never too late- but honestly I don’t know where and how to begin.

some things I did when I was younger- no I am not regretful as it is wasteful to lament over something that took place in the past. I guess I had my reasons for doing them but in retrospect I think I could have done them differently or avoided them completely.

some of my earlier drinking binges!!

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