Sunday, November 25, 2007

Miss Trouble Maker

It's official-A dislikes her car seat. No, she actually abhors it. Within a minute or two after she is buckled in, she starts moaning and groaning that escalates into an excruciatingly painful scream which leaves us no option but to stop the car and take her out.

We just got back from our trip. Thought this time would be a little better since she was graduated to a front facing seat. It did make a difference, she was quite happy taking in the new sights and view, but that happiness didn't last for long. No sooner were we on the highway, probably 15 minutes since we embarked on this journey, her discomfort began and by golly, this little baby can scream! Looks truly are deceptive, when it comes to A! She is undoubtedly a firecracker!

We endured her cacophonous screams for a good part of the journey until we couldn't take it anymore. Left us with no choice but to unbuckle her and carry her. On my lap. Was fine for five minutes after which she starts squirming and pulling herself away from my hold. She has had enough...that is what she probably would have told us if she could talk! With 20 minutes still left before we reached home, she created havoc. She was merciless!I can't tell you how relieved we all were as soon as we turned into our lane. We were all ready to get out just as she was, maybe even more.

Five minutes later.....

Miss Trouble Maker is prancing around the house gleefully, away from the clutches of her seat, enjoying her freedom, completely oblivious to the fact that she just made everyone else's life miserable!

I dread to think what's going to happen in the years to come.

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