Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There was once a superhero and a sweet little duckling…..

Halloween’s tomorrow.

D has been excited about it for the past week. He has already worn his Superman costume (which btw, was sent by a friend of mine from Delhi. Yes, you heard me right! Dilli!) several times since the weekend. And of course, he is almost ‘candied’ out. My family room looks like a candy land in ruins with empty wrappers and half eaten lollipops! And he hasn’t even gone trick or treating (god help me!). But he does look strapping in his costume. Strong and confident, all set to fly and rescue someone in need!

A has no clue what is happening. She is just going with the flow. My sweet little A. We decided to dress her up as a little duckling. And my, what an adorable duckling she makes with her round yellow foamy body, orange webbed feet, head gear with a beak and a tuft of hair that refuse to stay in place (ups the cuteness factor).
She looks playful and timid, vulnerable and small, the very definition of innocence.

Happy Halloween, my sweet little pumpkins!

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