Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pardon My Babble

Getting out of the house on time is ridiculously tedious.

I am always running late, literally hauling the kids into the car to get to work on time. And for reasons beyond my comprehension, the kids know how to add to the stress. The more I need them to hasten, the slower they get. They stall, whine, drag their feet just to get my goat.

I wish I could record the morning scurry that takes place in the Bora household and play it like an old silent, B & W movie. Like a Chaplin movie. I am sure it will be comedic. I am chuckling as I am thinking about this morning. It was a riot. People who don’t know us will think we are crazy just within few minutes of watching us in action. We don’t do anything funny. There is nothing laughable about our rushed mornings. We are in each other’s hair, messing each other up but in retrospect, it makes for a good laugh. I can easily spend the next thirty minutes replaying it with a wide, foolish grin on my face.

I wish I could saunter into my office with every single hair in place, hormones under control, coolly and unstressed. But by the time I drop the kids or one of them off and get in, I am already looking harried and roughed up. At 8 o’ clock. Eight fucking a.m. Thus, my new motto in life - there is NO point ‘dressing up’ for work. I can’t recall the last time I put mascara or dabbed lip gloss on my non-existent lips. No memory what so ever. Not that it makes any difference. I look the same, dressed or not. Sad but true.

I know all this calls for better time management. Perhaps become a follower of Covey’s principles but I don’t see myself going down that path. Not in a million years. Why? I am plain lazy! I rather whine or blog about my distress than do anything about it. This has been my strategy all along and strangely enough it has worked in some instances. Not many, but some. But I am happy with the ‘some’. Some change is better than none, after all.

I am rambling, I know. Why am I writing about this and where am I heading with this post? I have no clue. I don’t even know why I am even blogging about something so inane and uninteresting.

This is what I call ‘mid-week’ crisis. I am writing about something because I have this need to write about something. I want to write but don’t quite know what to write about. I have been reading quite a few interesting articles off late but none inspire me to pen. They are all tightly ensconced in the crevices of my inactive brain, refusing to flow out mellifluously. Too many big words in one sentence. OK, now I am REALLY rambling.

Anyhow, coming back to time management issue- well, I think I can do a couple of things to manage my mornings better. I can:
1. Get ready the night before-prepare kids lunch, iron clothes to be worn etc.
2. Get up early-perhaps go for a walk-throw in the ‘fitness factor’.
Get an early start.
3. Sleep early to wake up fresh.

Well, honestly if I follow one of the three, I will make a huge difference and not stress about running late and blog about my situation. But, remember, I am LAZY. Hence, none of the above options really work for me. I am not a proactive person, so option # 1 to me is a waste of time when I can do something else instead, like laze around in bed, watch some crappy TV until wee hours of the morning. Since I am prone to doing just that, how the heck do I wake up early and get a head start? I simply cannot! The only thing I can do to deal with this innocuous nonsense is to write about it. So there!

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Anthony said...

nice post..I will share this to my wife... =)

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