Monday, January 7, 2008

Time is swooshing by!

Mama say it!


I have an announcement to make. D has cleared his plate!

This is what I have to say every time my 3 year old finishes his food. Something that I have been ordered to do. Something that he hears his teachers say at day care.

Saturday morning, he wakes up and refuses to come down for breakfast.

I need to change my clothes and get ready for school.

It is Saturday sweetie, no school today.

Uh –oh

Five minutes later, as he reluctantly finishes his bowl of cereal, he looks up with sadness in his eyes and tells me,

Mama, I miss my friends!

We have definitely come a long way from the crying, the excessive hugging, clinging tightly sometimes almost to the point of suffocation to this. In the early days, when he just started his day care, leaving him at the center was, well lets just say -dreadful! He would kick, scream wail and cry with flailing arms. He would desperately try to prolong saying bye to us. One more huggie, papa. One more kissie, mama. I still remember quite vividly those early mornings-D crying his lungs out and probably cursing us for leaving him behind and me walking away with tears in my eyes and feeling guilty to the core. Although this is supposed to be normal, I felt as if the world was falling apart.
And now, he almost forgets to say bye. The minute we walk into his room, he is ready to go off and play with one of his playmates. We have to actually remind him to give us a goodbye hug or kiss.

Hey what about a hug?

Oh yeah….

On one hand, I am proud to see him become independent and have a mind of his own but on the other hand, it tugs my heart to see him transition from infanthood to boyhood.
It is amazing how fast and quickly he is growing. I look at him and I wonder if this is the same baby I gave birth to. He looks like a little man! All set, raring to go!


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