Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Year

Your smile lit up like a thousand suns
Your voice, happy and fun
Your love made all feel special
And you were only seven

You came and you left
Only a few years you gave us
To cherish
The beauty and joy you brought

Where are sweetie?
Are you happy?
I look up to the sky
Yearning to see your pretty face
I don’t
But I know you are looking at me

We all miss you
Your Mama and Daddy even more
They long to..
Touch you
Kiss you
Embrace you
Laugh with you
And sometimes cry too
But will never be so

The pain may ease
But the emptiness…
Time will tell
But the memories of you
Become stronger with each passing year

Beautiful memories of...

Your smile like the thousand suns
Your voice, soothing and calm
Your love, so loving
And you.

Happy 9th Birthday

PS: We are celebrating you today. On your special day, just like we did ever since you came into our lives. But it’s been different since you've gone, sweetie. Very different.
We miss you terribly!

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