Friday, December 21, 2007


Should we all try to live our life as if it is our last day?

We get so caught up with the superficiality, the materialism, that we forget about the ‘haves’ and get obsessed with the ‘have - nots’. We tend to overlook or ignore the beauty of what we possess and immerse ourselves into acquiring – be it money, success, attention, recognition, more love perhaps (how much is ‘more’?? )
We lose track of our priorities, to the extent that they seem skewed after a certain point. Is spending time with your loved ones more important or spending extra hours at work so that you over accomplish and get the promotion/ bonus you are vying for? One can possibly argue that receiving the bonus can improve the quality of life but is it really worth the sacrifices we make in the process? Do we give a second thought about what really is at stake?

Why is it that we need a jolt- a tragedy or an unexpected turn of events to push us into self-analysis, into taking on a different perspective or realigning our priorities when we should have done so from the start? Why is it that we feel blessed only when something tragic happens to others?

Isn’t it all about being content and happy with what you have? I admire people who are content and there are a few I know personally. Why is it so hard to fulfill our desires, needs with what we already have? Why is there always a ‘want’ for more?

Is this what you call greed? Or are we overly driven by our ambition?

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