Wednesday, December 26, 2007

List of my favorite foods

Someone the other day asked me what my favorite foods are. Well, to be honest, food is food-I simply dig it! But after giving it some thought, I do have some that definitely deserve a mention! I just wish I ate some more often than I do now. Sigh!

Hot piping paranthas – with some ‘dahi’ and pickle, maybe a hot mango pickle or bhurji
Khichdi – especially on a cold, chilly day and with fried eggplant or fish-yummo!
Sushi- not the hard core sashimi but tuna rolls, eel, salmon or California rolls
Miso soup
Chole bhatura – the greasy variety that you get in “Haldiram’
Dosas- especially Mysore
Idli and sambhar- wow what a way to start a day! Unfortunately I don’t know how to make them and I think, even if I do, I will not the have the patience.
Mutton curry – the kind mothers and aunts in Assam make
Luchee - with mutton or aloo bhaaji
Fried fish especially Pomphret at Trishna’s or Mahesh Lunch Home in Mumbai
Crabs- especially marinated and cooked in Malabar/coastal spices
Bhindi- anyway it is prepared
Payaas- the sweeter and creamier, the better it is
Hot gulab jamuns- the kind that melt in your mouth
Jalebis – again hot, straight from the pan. And with a dollop of ice-cream, it is sheer heaven!
Mishti Doi- nothing can beat Gangaram’s
Pau Bhaji- the Chowpatty kind
Moori Ghonto - the kind my friend makes
Aloo Chaat – the ones made by the shopkeeper at Lajpat Nagar
Momos – gosh, who can beat Abba’s momos ha?
Cookies (Good day, Milk Bikies, Marie- haven’t come across any cookies in the US that give the same joy) dunked in tea or hot chocolate
Cheesecake – plain NY cheesecake – divine!
Pizza – again NY style, thin and utterly cheesy

I think I could have added a few more but I’d rather stop. All this mention of food is making my mouth water!

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Anamika said...

Cheesecake!!! Parathas!!! Lucheee!!! And a happy new year to you too (drool drool).